Saturday 28th of September was a day full of rewards and emotions for Etna Trail. An entire afternoon dedicated to volunteers, sponsors, “aziende amiche”, partners, in general to all the Etna Trail stakeholders. One hundred attendees, although the higher expectations. But, as it has been remarked, young people organize their Saturday evenings differently.

The evening menu included polenta with sauce (sugo), sandwiches with sausage, cannoli, high quality local wines (a special thanks to the Etna winery President) and beer.

The highlight of the evening were the images and video of the 2019 races, but also an opportunity to launch the 2020 events.

These are the dates of the next year main races: 13th june 2020 Super Maratona dell’Etna and from 24th to 26th July 2020 Etna Trail.

Given that it is highly recommended to read carefully the respective regulations, here below the updated event of 2020.

Super Maratona dell’Etna

By popular request, the relay race is back.
Departure time at 7.30 am.
Time gates: the first, at Piano Provenzana (33.5 km), after 5 hours from the departure, the other, on arrival at the Volcanological Observatory (Piano delle Concazze ): after 7 hours 45 minutes from the departure (15 15).
Important because the Organization has decided upon the departure of a vehicle from Linguaglossa to Piano Provenzana at 12:15 to collect all the athletes who are still on the way and another vehicle at the arrival at the Volcanological Observatory starting at 3.10 pm , to collect all the athletes still in the race who will be accompanied to Piano Provenzana.
Tiered pricing registration fees based on the available registration date / amount of available bib (see regulation).
All athletes will back down, from the arrival place at Osservatorio Volcanology, through a path traced along the avalanche chute. Furthermore, 150 car seats are available to book for € 26.00 each for those athletes who wish to use the car service and descent to Piano Provenzana by car.
Race Plastic free with compulsory use of own glass or water bottle (at the refreshment it won´t have glasses) .

Etna Trail

All the race routes have changed:

The 94 km becomes 101km for the allocation of 5 Itra points: departure from Linguaglossa and arrival at Piano Provenzana – Etna Nord.
The 52km becomes 57 km: start and finish at Piano Provenzana – Etna Nord. For the first time the race tour will reach 3000 amsl .
The 24km will reach its highest altitude at Piano delle Concazze ,2800 amsl
The 12km new and suggestive route.

Registration opening for all races from the 15th october.

Etna Trail looks forward to welcoming you next year and waits for you.