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What is Azienda Amica?
“Azienda Amica Etna Trail” is an ambitious project promoted by the Etna Trail Organization aiming to involve small businesses, entrepreneurs and tourist agents present on the North side of Etna in initiatives that support sports tourism through the promotion and organization of events linked to the Trail (running and walking on paths with significant gradients).

An initiative at the early stage to which we want to give greater consistency and the widest coverage aiming as much as possible at the active involvement by people and organizations. The aim is to create a “welcoming atmosphere” to experience during our events but also to consolidate it over time with similar initiatives to be extended to other tourism sectors. In short, the attempt to create a bottom-up model for sustainable tourism development that we all (directly or indirectly) have interest in cultivating as local community.

The Project is promoted by Etna Trail Asd Linguaglossa Sports Association, which is already operating in the planning and realization of sporting events, and it forges an educational as well as promotional approach:

  • contribute to enhancing our extraordinary territory by promoting the Trail as an educational practice, a sport which encourages the enjoyment and respect of natural environments, closer integration between the initiatives (ongoing and planned) of the Association and the local economic fabric in order to become a common and shared heritage that comes from the national and international visitors that the Etna Super Marathon and the Etna Trail guarantee, every year in June and July, firstly during the events and afterwards through social and press communications in the following weeks;
  • to set up a network of direct and / or indirect collaborations to support and sustain the events organized by the Etna Trail Association to which the companies can join or become part of the large family of the Etna Trail Volunteers, who provide their collaboration for the success of the event, or with goods and / or services or with economic contributions to support the event. In one and / or the other case mutual obligations are realized which can be summarized as follows;
    • Etna Trail is committed to offer maximum visibility to the Azienda Amica brands whose level of visibility will be equal to that of the main sponsors with constant and certain forms of visibility, starting with the visibility that the Association is committed to providing on official website www.etnatrail.it;
      Etna Trail will dedicate a reciprocal section to a specific section on the official website to companies participating in the Azienda Amica project;
      The support of the Azienda Amica to the Etna Trail initiatives, by appropriated methods mentioned above, will last one year and will be renewable. Etna Trail will annually update the list of the partners on the website;
    • The Azienda Amica will give maximum visibility within its own activities or in the respective company sites to the “Azienda Amica di Etna Trail” it will actively participate in the spreading of information linked to the events organized by Etna Trail.
    • The Azienda Amica will give its consent to include its own contact details or other reference on social media group, especially created for this purpose by Etna Trail to communicate ongoing or planned initiatives.


Contact us to become a Partner Azienda Amica

+ 39 335 6137546

F.lli Raciti

Via Roma, 41  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3926348972
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Agriturismo Etna – Mare

Via Terremorte, I traversa Ss 120
Piedimonte Etneo – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3331110222
[email protected]

Borgata Baldazza

Contrada Baldazza – Linguaglossa (CT)

Tel. 095 7774758 – 340 5239259
[email protected].it

Al Maratoneta

Via Manzoni, 81 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3491334321
[email protected]

Casa Mauro

Via Paolo Borsellino 2 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3478624870
[email protected]

Il Corbezzolo

Via Paolo Borsellino, 3 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 647141 – 328 2546918
[email protected]

C’era una volta

Via Roma, 259 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3471851682
[email protected]

Rifugio Citelli

Via Mareneve, 95010 Sant’Alfio CT
Tel. 095 930000
[email protected]

Shalai Resort

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 25 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 643128
[email protected]


Piazza santo Cali 14 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3402289643 – 3477533037
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Casa Valentina e Casa Azzurra

via G. da Lentini ,17 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3892760618
[email protected]

BnB Don Diego

Via Don Diego 63 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3493881589
[email protected]

BnB Da Rosa

Via Coletta 101 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3286623609 – 3668406933
[email protected]

Etna Paradise

Via Libertà 165 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3466933534
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A casa di Giovanna

Via Coletta, 61 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3282839223
[email protected]

Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi

Via Mareneve, Pineta Ragabo – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3407350907 – 095643611
[email protected]


Il Ginepro dell’Etna

Monte Conca, Etna Nord – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3923924498
[email protected]

Casa Arrigo

Contrada Arrigo Soprano – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3393336793
[email protected]

Villa Neri

Contrada Arrigo – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 0958133002
[email protected]

La pietra lavica

Contrada Torrente Lavina, 1 – Linguaglossa (CT)
[email protected]

Etna Nord House

Via Mareneve, 8°km – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3287357842
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[email protected]

Case Mangano

Via Esperia, 48 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3385283334
[email protected]

Etna Vintage

Via Libertà, 73 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3480735165
[email protected]

Camia Appartamenti

Strada Provinciale 218 – Piedimonte Etneo (CT)
Tel. 3472954542
[email protected]

Mareneve 55

Via Mareneve, km 0,38 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3282820209
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B&B Anthea

Vico delle orfanelle, 3 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3496734093 – 3926348972
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[email protected]

B&B Casa Etna

Via Trento, 4 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3475346949
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Punto Base 13 – Case Bevacqua

Piedimonte Etneo (CT)
Tel. 3332266666 – 3492873865
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[email protected]

I tre campanili sull’Etna

Via Monacaglia, 9 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3471163652
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Trattoria Linguagrossa

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 100 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3208649723
[email protected]

L’Altro Royal

Via Roma, 161 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3281220817
[email protected]

Chalet delle Ginestre

Via Mareneve, quota 1100 – Linguaglossa (CT) – Etna Nord
Tel. 3453227869
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Contrada Sciaramanica Km 2.7 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3482329956
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[email protected]


Via Consolare Valeria, 16 – Giardini Naxos (ME)
Tel. 094252167
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[email protected]

Chiosco Bar Mareneve

Piano Provenzana – Etna Nord – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3455937410
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Tradizione Siciliana – Da Leo

Via Mareneve, km 2,9 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3426844933
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Pasticceria L’Alhambra

via Guglielmo Marconi, 62 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3471712810 – 3403522408
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Turé Bar

Via Roma, 43 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. +3452340506
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Via Roma, 60 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3773894400
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Grocery shops – Delicatessen – Butcher Shops – Fishmongers

Sfizi di Sicilia

Via Umberto 34, 36 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 643827
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Bottega dell’Etna

Via Umberto 89 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3331110222
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Alimentari Costanzo

Via Roma, 145 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 647173

Panificio Raiti

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 38 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 647800
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Pescheria La Spada

Via Roma, 36 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3290174516
[email protected]

Gastronomia L’Aurora

Via Umberto 127 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 647003
[email protected]


Gruppo Guide Etna Nord

Via Roma 81,83 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3480125167 – 095 7774502
[email protected]

Pro Loco Linguaglossa

Piazza Annunziata, 8 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 643094
[email protected]

Guide Vulcanologiche Etna Nord

Via Viola, 1 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. +393455741330
[email protected]


Via Giuseppe Verdi, 11 – Trecastagni (CT)
Tel. +39 334591618
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Etna Volcano Guide

Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3663852102
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Associazione Ascuta

Via Roma 148 – Linguaglossa (CT)
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Avis Linguaglossa

Via Roma 148 – Linguaglossa (CT)
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Club2Ruote Linguaglossa

Tel. 3888840558
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Black & White

Tel. 3403827347 – 3421929154
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Associazione San Giovanni Bosco

Via San Nicola, 113 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3458452142
[email protected]


Etna Brico

Piazza San Rocco 15 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 0957774101
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[email protected]

G Informatica

via Roma, 28 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3400710672
[email protected]

Cartoleria Tuttoscuola

Via Roma, 98 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3488621449
[email protected]

Immagine – Arredo Casa

Via Roma 74 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3394223895
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[email protected]


Via Roma 25 – Linguaglossa (CT)
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[email protected]

Impianti elettrici Domenico Zaffino

Via Brunitta – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3293888978
[email protected]

Alessi Auto

Via dell’Unità d’Italia (SS 120)  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095643979 – 3495407997 – 3495850917
[email protected]


SS 120 Terremorte  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095648455
[email protected]

LP EllePi Fashion Style Group, di Lucio Pagano

Via Roma, 118  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095 7774319
Corso Italia, 1  – Acireale (CT)
Tel. 095 2885747
www.lpimmaginemoda.it [email protected]

La Capannetta

Via Nicolò Cristo, 9 – Piano Provenzana  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3289129666Pagina Facebook [email protected]

Quantico Vini

Contrada torrente, Via Lavina, n.102 – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3482768463 – 3451581395www.vinoquantico.com
Pagina Facebook[email protected]


Via Naxos 207/a  – Giardini Naxos (ME)
Tel. 3386784866Pagina Facebook [email protected]

Simpatiche Canaglie

Via Roma, 118  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3926348972
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Platania Gioielli

Via Roma, 63  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 0957774756
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Ottica Currenti

Via Roma, 54  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 095643428
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Via Roma, 23  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3897962501
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F.lli Raciti

Via Roma, 41  – Linguaglossa (CT)
Tel. 3926348972
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